Boycott Auto Rickshaws

NEWS: Auto men are calling strike from 9th November 2011.Please ensure that 9th November onwards you are travelling by any other Public transport and NOT by AUTOs. (NOT EVEN WITHOUT METER or HALF Meter)
It’s the time to show the strength that the people are Not Dependent on them.
They need customers to run their families rather than you need them.
It’s the time to break shackles and make them aware of the situation. Your 15 days travel by other means can only make them realize this.
And it’s not actually the Poor Auto-men. It’s their Union leaders who are compelling them. Once they realize that the leaders are not working in their interest, they themselves will call it OFF.
It’s a Service Business and Not Profit Business. Serve or Leave the business.
BREAKING NEWS: Mumbaikars calling strike against Auto men’s Dadagiri. It’s the fight for your rights. JOIN & SUPPORT. Say NO to Auto-Rickshaw 9th November 2011 onwards till they agree to your interest.