Support against Curruption, Black money and system

I would really appreciate if you people read all the points mentioned below with un-biased mind.

1. Let me first clear that “I am not Ramdev’s, Anna Hazare’s or any individual’s follower/supporter”

2. I just don’t forget the causes for which they started agitations and the causes are

a. Corruption

b. Black Money

c. Change in the system.

3. You people oppose Ramdev just because he knows how to run his empire. The problem is that you people can’t digest Baba and business together.

a. N number of times he has shown all his documents about his trust’s bank balances and property papers to media and all government departments.

b. Even then, if you really have any genuine questions about his properties and bank balances, why don’t you take any actions on that? (Filing a police complain or RTI or any court notice?)

4. Suppose a business tycon like Mukesh Ambani starts an agitation against all these noble causes then I don’t think so you people will come up with any problem !!!

5. And who says he is not not helping the poor people of India?

a. Almost every day thousands and lakhs of people attend his free yoga and pranayam shibirs.

b. On an average 3 crore people watch their live and recorded telecasts on televisions.

c. And the list is even bigger to note down here.

d. If the things he is teaching is bull-shit and of no use then are these fools?

6. If we(including me) are not so active for national cause, we don’t have right to comment. Be Careful, while commenting on such an important national issues.


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